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Through modern movie magic, Chris Evans, imbued Rogers with a heart three sizes too big for his 90-lb asthmatic frame, and that didn’t change when he got juiced into Cap. EmptyHand 1 y 6 mo 24 d . Which is the true patriot these days: the one who exercises American freedoms to protest it or the one who exercises American freedoms to protest the protesters? - Worthy Cap has Thor's powers and has Batman level combat skills. 3679. Captain America. RELATED: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nicolas Cage Superman Movie. RELATED: Avengers: 5 People Captain America Would Have Been Great With (& 5 He Would Have Been Awful With). As the franchises have both progressed, it’s pretty clear that the wide-eyed patriotism of the Reeve era was left well back there. It’s not really that close when you compare feats. Superman vs Captain America# not voted...his foot in frustration when his shield bounces off Superman like a beach ball. Captain America is a hero known by all as the defender of FREEDOM in the Marvel universe. 2016 has found America in the midst of a historic - and historically nasty - political season. And yet, he pushed his body to the limit and trained just to keep protecting Metropolis as a vigilante. The Cavill Superman doesn’t really have much to say on the subject, (other than giving away to the military the exact amount of time he’s been on the planet and in what state he grew up in….). In looking at the various cinematic incarnations of the two, of course there’s the Max Fleischer shorts and the George Reeves incarnation in Superman and the Mole Men in 1951, as well as the 1943 serial Captain America starring Dick Purcell. Captain America (Worthy) (MCU) "He who can lift this hammer shall possess the power of Thor." But thanks to Superman’s lightning-fast speed, he can disarm Cap in a minute. - Superman has to fight with one hand - Superman cannot see nor hear - Superman cannot cause any civilian casualties - Captain America is on bloodlust/Superman isn't - Cap does not have access to kryptonite: Creator: SuperheroBattlez04 This means he could take the fight to wherever he wanted to, always having the higher ground and easily being able to avoid anything thrown at him. But who would win in a fight? What’s notable about both Superman and Captain America is that while their belief in American ideals is usually consistent, their belief in the American government is anything but. It's mentioned time and time again by opponents from Red Skull to Ultron to Zemo. Superman is incredibly strong and if managed to get his hands on Captain America, he could end the fight there and then if he was going at full strength. Plus he’s an immigrant to boot. Cap’s defiance of world authorities – including American authorities – and abdication of the mantle, and Superman’s lone(ly) wolf approach is right at the forefront of the ongoing argument about what patriotism really means. While Captain America might be able to give Superman a run for his money in terms of hand to hand combat if things weren't going well for Superman he could just bust out his heat vision power. One of those weaknesses is red sun radiation. Luckily for Cap, Superman is normally too good of a person to do that. In some respects, he’s somewhat Hancock-ian, only way less drunk and with a better wardrobe. Rogers has had his own souring with the world to which he awoke. While he might not be able to get the true upper hand in a fight, he would continue fighting until Superman literally killed him, which is something that he would unlikely do. So where does all this lead us to in examining the evolving patriotism of Captain America and Superman in the movies? Funnily enough, Cap’s was lost during Winter Soldier, a movie that harkened back to that time. Considering that Cap was the physical embodiment of the perfect Aryan, and Superman may (or may not) have had parts of his origin coming from a renowned German philosopher, yet both fought against the Nazis for America, the irony is notable. But what made Evans’ Cap really come to life was that no matter his situation, a 4F wannabe army recruit, or a performing monkey in a star spangled suit, Rogers aspired to do more, to give more, to be more. On top of that, the speed at which he can travel could cause some serious damage to Captain America that would make it nearly impossible for him to deal with. Related: Captain America Gets Batman v Superman Style Armor In Electrifying Fan Art. However, something that Cap does have in his favor is his hand to hand fighting skills, which are better than most superheroes of all time. Here in the real world, however, Superman … That said, we find it disturbingly easy to imagine Henry Cavill's broody Superman committing homicide with a smile like Homelander does. But they still should've been two movies max. But back in 1987 death by nuke was a hell of a lot more prevalent than today, even though the threat is no less real. 1 year ago. In what amounts to a very high stakes game of chicken, Disney and Warner Bros. have scheduled superhero movies Captain America 3 and an Untitled Superman/Batman Film on May 6, … Although, Cavill’s Superman did state matter-of-factly in Man of Steel: “I grew up in Kansas. In these two characters we have two of the most recognizable representations of America: it's ideals, its dreams, its values. Dream fights between different superheroes have always been something that people have fantasized about and debated. However, there is also a huge level of curiosity surrounding the prospect of seeing these two amazing characters fight, and in this article, we will be focusing on that scenario. On top of that, the Shield is also very effective as a weapon, throwing it from distance or using it in a fight. Confident, irreverent, megawatt smile, filled out the super suit well (gaining some 40 pounds of beef to do so). Sam Wilson probably laid it out the best in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “Dude, Captain America needs my help.