queueAmazonSlots([slot]); 4. The UK Roundabout Appreciation Society has unveiled its highly anticipated annual list of the world's top 12 roundabouts - and it includes one from British shores. bidOnSlots([slot]); Redbridge Roundabout near the Redbridge tube station in the Capital was the worst in Britain, with 18 accidents taking place there. Roundabouts are a type of junction where, in the UK, road traffic flows clockwise around a central junction, with priority normally given to those already on the roundabout and those approaching it on your right. It was originally intended not for motorists but to help pedestrians cross the street. Europe’s many traffic roundabouts are complicated enough – but this head-spinning, multi-directional traffic intersection in the UK is enough to make you walk to your destination. Largest roundabout in UK? Driving through Swindon's Magic Roundabout requires nerves of steel. There a famous one in Swindon Wiltshire ,Called The Magic Roundabout It was affectiionatly called that for years ,So the Council Now have sign posts up with The name on Dont know if its the largest ,But strangers to the town will go miles out of there way to avoid it,and pictures of it have circulated the internet for years , Related: LA’s most dangerous intersection made safer with innovative crosswalk “scramble”. They became so popular that in 1960s UK developed a miniature version that could be installed in more places with lesser space. Development of roundabout design and policy including "give way to traffic on right" rule: MT 152/55, MT 95/134. When the complicated layout was unveiled, the mini roundabouts weren’t even marked in order to leave room for reconfiguration after further studies were conducted. } else { It is known for its complexity, and the resulting confusion it causes for some motorists. The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England is a ring junction constructed in 1972 consisting of five mini-roundabouts arranged in a circle. 10 Scariest Junctions in the United Kingdom. Possibly the UK's largest inhabited roundabout (Image: Google Maps). You should not join a roundabout without looking both ahead, and to your right-hand side – although how soon in advance you can do this depends on your view as you approach. Poor layout and "continual jams" have earned a Scottish roundabout the title of worst in the UK after a contest to find the nation's most frustrating gyratory. headertag.display(slotName); Queen's Park Savannah is supposedly the world's largest traffic roundabout, but it's more than that. Columbus Circle, the world's first functioning roundabout by most accounts. Google Earth view of Swindon's Magic Roundabout. The traffic feature's made up of five smaller clockwise … A roundabout is a type of circular intersection or junction in which road traffic is permitted to flow in one direction around a central island, and priority is typically given to traffic already in the junction. The first roundabout in the UK appeared in the Garden City of Letchworth 1909. Queen's Park Savannah: Largest Roundabout in the World - See 597 traveller reviews, 255 candid photos, and great deals for Port of Spain, Trinidad, at Tripadvisor. if(typeof(headertag) == "object") { Birmingham’s Bordesley Circus roundabout is one of the UK’s worst with a shocking accident on average every 20 days. There is a separate forum for Street Furniture (traffic lights, street lights, road signs etc). Once inside the vehicular labyrinth, traffic flows counterclockwise around the outer roundabout, while interior traffic flows in a clockwise manner around the five mini roundabouts, which all lead to various exists located on the outer loop. } Located near the County Ground, home of Swindon Town F.C., its name comes from the popular children's television series The Magic Roundabout. But what's uncommon in one country is celebrated in another, and such is the case with one of the largest traffic circles in the world — the Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England. This residence is known as Duckingham Palace. A roundabout "league of shame" has been topped by a London traffic island that has been dubbed the country's most dangerous. if (typeof(bidOnSlots) == "function") { Engineers use the term modern roundabout to refer to junctions installed after 1960 that incorporate various design rules to increase safety. However, despite its harrowing appearance, the roundabout has an excellent safety record, mainly due to the slow traffic pace required once inside the crazy intersection. (function(googletag) { There are cricket, rugby, football and baseball areas and a small resting park. //-->.