He and the other candidates later start chasing after a notebook that allegedly contains info which could help them win the election, only to later discover that it merely contains cleaning tips. Comments: 3 Kudos: 27 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 968. When Jean and Eren are able to recover the cadets' ODM gear, but not Christa, they use their gear to continue their pursuit. Skins with complete voice-overs (Legendary, Ultimate, etc.) He has small, intense light-brown eyes and is said to have the same vicious look as Eren does in his eyes. Hearing an explosion coming from the Wall, Jean and the others who witnessed Eren's transformation recognize what is happening and immediately go to investigate. When the rest of the squad arrives though, they manage to subdue their kidnappers. Jean is then approached by a blushing Annie who wants to talk to him. A year passes and the use of the Executioner from Hell clears Wall Maria from all Titans. With his meal finished, Pyxis announces Jean the victor of the cook-off. Jean Kirstein(ジャン・キルシュタインJan Kirushutain?) I've been playing through, and I realised it's kinda hard to figure some of them out. As they arrive, Levi takes the opportunity to inform Historia of Erwin's plan to install her as queen, and although Jean protests, Historia agrees to it. With a new day dawning upon the cadets, Jean muses that he will pay his mother a visit. Dazzled by the match, he forgets to dodge an incoming attack, taking him out of the game.[3]. During graduation, despite fearing what might happen to him in the future as he would inevitably encounter more Titans, Jean joins the Scout Regiment instead of the Military Police Regiment. In the second OVA, the intro is heavily edited to show Jean as the main character, with, Jean is one of eight characters to have his own character song. Gender Luckily, Eren appears in time for the match. Humanity is on the verge of defeat, and he does not think they should go down without trying to defeat the Colossal Titan. When Eren does not respond, Jean leaves to fight the Female Titan and he helps lead her into a trap set by Hange. Following. Rico appoints the broken gear and that dismisses the activity. Forget your children and leave behind the weak. In the year 848, Jean and his fellow cadets embark on a navigation training exercise to learn how to sustain themselves in times of peace, during which he and Eren continually get at each other's throats. Affiliation In no condition to be stealing anything, Armin opts out of Jean's plan, as does Annie, who states getting caught is not worth winning a competition. Unfortunately, he crashes into Jean causing the two to tumble to the ground. Yasunori Matsumoto. Days later, due to having both similar eyes and demeanor, he is chosen to pose as Eren during his handover to the Military Police, leaving the real Eren free to help in the final attempt to capture the Female Titan. Mike McFarland. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [19], Following the battle, he and Armin are brought in for questioning by the Military Police. [15], During the mission to seal Wall Rose using Eren's Titan form, Jean, Conny, and Annie are given orders to lure Titans close to the Wall so that they can be killed using cannon fire. The squad tries to talk her down, but she punches the captain as soon as she sees him. Cooperating with Armin and Reiner, Jean engages the Female Titan, believing that if he does not at least slow it down, it will continue to wipe out more and more soldiers. On the way, Jean wonders whether abandoning one's humanity is really the only way to win, and whether it would be a victory if Eren did destroy all the Titans. As Sasha senses a tremble on the ground, Jean and the group hide among trees. Jean stirs up a fight after Eren introduces himself to the class. When Hange orders a second attack to destroy Reiner's nape, Jean notices Conny and Sasha hesitating, and pushes them to fight. This motivates Jean to start taking his training more seriously. [1], In anticipation of trouble, Jean reluctantly disguises himself as Eren while Armin does the same as Historia, to serve as a distraction and bait while the real Eren and Historia are transported separately. As he is yelling at them, Jean and his comrades are caught off guard by a roar from Reiner's Titan. Love Pillar . Kishō Taniyama (谷山 紀章, Taniyama Kishō, born August 11, 1975) is a Japanese voice actor, singer and lyricist affiliated with Ken Production.He is also the vocalist and lyricist of the Japanese rock band Granrodeo under his stage name Kishow.He is the official Japanese dubbing voice for Fred Jones in the Scooby-Doo franchise. He boasts off in front of his classmates and proudly shows them the letter. Next time, he will shoot.[24]. When Hange introduces the first years to the two Titans she has captured, Jean is horrified and tells her bringing up Titans is not possible.[5]. Jean's song is called. Jean(ジャンJan?) your own Pins on Pinterest Jean helps unchain Eren while trying to explain the current situation to him. Mike McFarland. Jean decides to steal meat from the storeroom. USERNAME: ... [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Patrizio Prata. 1 month ago. TV Show: Attack on Titan: Junior High Franchise: Attack on Titan The president makes a deal that if they finish the task assigned to them, she will teach them how to use the gear. 1st Jean is the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. Luckily, they are found by Hannes who directs him and the others back to the humans side of the school. After the drill, Jean confronts Conny and Sasha for stealing his Titan kills. As the soldiers begin to advance, Jean advises his allies to keep any engagements short, so as not to waste gas. was a member of the Scout Regiment in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2. Jean Kirschstein (Daisuke Ono) Peter Flechtner: Erwin Smith (Yuu Shimamura) Marieke Oeffinger: Annie Leonhardt (Tomohisa Hashizume) Tim Knauer: Berthold Fubar (Shiori Mikami) Jodie Blank: Christa Renz (Hiro Shimono) Julius Jellinek share. Anyone got a bead on the ENG voice actors? Marlo accepts and throws away the knife. Dec 10, 2014 - Jean Kirschtein. Comments: 3 Kudos: 27 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 968. 1 month ago. [40], After returning home victorious, Jean accompanies Hange to deliver Ymir's letter to Historia. It is later revealed that the event is a prank played by the upperclassmen. The dinner becomes crazier and crazier because of various reasons: first, Sasha gets mad after seeing all the meat, trying to eat it all, even biting Jean and punching Marlo. Soldier Make sure to hit the to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Jean Gunnhildr is a playable character in Genshin Impact. He then sees Eren and Mikasa together, which angers him and he grabs Eren by his shirt, telling him how jealous he felt. [4], Jean, Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt are put on standby with their fellow cadets, and are ordered not to tell anyone else about what they witnessed. He is one of the best soldiers in the 104th training corps with the Maneuvering Gear. The squad then begins to follow Rod's Titan, arriving in Orvud District to intercept it. Days later he is in the barracks eating with other soldiers. The Wall Beautification Contest, BTN (Before the New-School-Year-Ceremony), Legend of the Snow Titan: The Mystery where Nobody Gets Killed or Anything Like That, Legend of the Snow Titan (And So On): All the Answers, Part-Time Job? Mikasa and her begin to argue, which makes Jean assume they are fighting for him. When Mikasa knocks over the soldier driving the wagon, Jean tells her not to move, rather than taking the opportunity to kill. Jean refuses to answer their questions, although he freely admits that he does not expect the military to be able to keep what has transpired covered up for long. After Conny and Sasha successfully block off the kidnappers' route out of the forest, Marco is able to determine which of their carriages they are carrying the cadets' stolen goods in, and alerts Jean and Eren so that they can attack. She is of Swedish, German, and British Isles descent. When they charge at the Year 3 leader, Levi, he hits and sends them all flying after taking all of their bandanas. Along with the gang, Jean is forced to clean the windows under the orders of the Wall Cleanup Club's president, Rico Brzenska. Much to his perverted thoughts of pulling down Christa's skirt, he ends up dragging down Conny's pants. Not Good, A Day Off is the Time to Try a Change and Maturity Like Nobody's Business, Friendship Shines... And Sometimes it Doesn't, A Full-out Dash up the Steps to Adulthood, Scary Campus Tales! Jean and the rest of the squad listen uncomfortably to the screams as Levi and Hange conduct their interrogation. [4], Jean hails from Wall Rose's peaceful town of Trost. As he is speaking, Jean stumbles upon a Titan slumbering Titan and quickly alerts the rest of the scouts to it. Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game 2005) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Follow me on FACEBOOK to catch up with my new video!! The election concludes with Marco winning after he delivers a speech standing up for Jean, much to Jean's dismay. View Entire Discussion (424 Comments) More posts from the Genshin_Impact community. Schauspieler und Seiyū. Run. As their argument becomes increasingly aggressive, Jean finally loses his temper and gets physical with Eren, prompting Eren to disarm him by kicking out one of his legs. Inside, the Colossal Titan then lifts the roof and eats the chee-burgs stand along with Eren, but later spits him out and Eren reveals a chee-burg he retrieved, with Jean celebrating their victory.[12]. [8] He openly mocked more idealistic individuals like Eren, and saw resisting the Titans as a hopeless cause. Eren successfully inserts the key and opens the door. Jean's fellow cadets are concerned by Mikasa's absence, worried that she injured herself while leaving the headquarters. Along with Sasha, Eren, and Conny, they go tumbling out the door. While Eren struggles with his gear, Jean mocks him with his redundant determination to do such things. 21.5k. Arriving at the music room, the group suddenly hears the piano playing by a figure, and everyone throws music instruments at it. Our experience is in the growing international entertainment market as well as local productions across all platforms. Everyone distracts Titans while Eren pulls the key. He then attends a meeting where he and the rest of the surviving Scouts are debriefed by Military generals and Historia.[41]. Jean is of average height and muscular build, and has a scowl similar to Eren's but is said to have a long face (a \"horse face\"). Jul 29, 2015 - This is the Creations page of aurAspirality. Although other cadets hailing from the district take the opportunity to visit their families, Jean vehemently refuses to even discuss his family with his friends. He listens to the story about Grisha Jaeger and Keith Sadies without saying a word. There, Jean assists Levi, Hange, and their squads in overseeing Eren's Titan experiments. Read this Genshin Impact Voice Actor List. They head to the gym and they all start running around as ghosts and a giant cannon appear chasing after them. [39], Jean joins Conny, Hange, Mikasa and Floch in searching survivors in Shiganshina while Eren and Levi stay with Armin and Sasha. However, each of Jean's prospective kills is stolen from him by his fellow cadets. Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Jean Kirschtein Jean Kirstein Attack On Titan ... Varian Gerilo lost everything when the Titans invaded Wall Shiganshina and Maria. Sing with lyrics to your favorite karaoke songs. After destroying the Titan's hands to make it slump, Eren, in his Titan form, obliterates its head using concentrated gunpowder. Jean is now feeling down so, in order to cheer him up, Sasha takes her white radish and her curry bread and makes them talk like they were two women fighting for Jean. Although Jean's team tries to stop them from securing the boar first, they fail and Sasha succeeds in killing the boar, to Jean's ire. Posted by 5 days ago. Jean encourages a dejected Sasha, and the two make peace. He was portrayed by Takahiro Miura. [9], As part of the 104th, Jean succeeds in ranking in the top 10 of its graduates, placing just under Eren and coming in at sixth. His casual attire usually consists of a white button-up shirt, dark pants, and a dark-brown vest. The conversation changes to Eren's memories and the nature of the Titans, remembering Ymir and Conny's mother. Alive Images of the Jean Havoc voice actors from the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. He is often seen wearing the typical uniform of the Survey Corps worn with an olive-gray button-up shirt. [6], Jean, Reiner and Armin go on their first expedition, Not long into the expedition, Jean encounters the Female Titan. One of his fellow cadets runs out of gas and is stranded, and against although Jean advises against it, other soldiers go to try to rescue him. Sang Hyeon Eom . Acting Information Back in Trost District, Jean and Armin share a theory that Eren was the reason no Titans attacked them on the way back. This gives her the opportunity she needs to knock away his blade. [7] He is often seen wearing the typical uniform of the Scout Regiment worn with an olive-gray button-up shirt underneath. Thanks to Marlo and Hitch, Levi's squad manages to successfully destroy a Military Police checkpoint. Voiced most times by Mike McFarland, Kisho Taniyama. Professional Information He lunges out the window, remarking to the others that he will choose to follow his goal. Jean then attends the meeting to hear Erwin's plan to combat the Titan. [11], Jean's first instinct is to always see life through cautious and doubtful eyes. She is always busy handling unrest across Mondstadt and of course, tirelessly working to maintain the City of Freedom. Everyone Gather! Bio Since Jun 2013 (7 Years 107 Days) My Instagram : majestic_horse.face. Learn more about the voices of each characters, Japanese cast, English voice cast, voice over, voice options, Paimon's voice & more. As he proceeds to drag behind with Eren neglecting his suspicions, he is greeted with a shower of gigantic school supplies. The next morning, Jean takes part in the operation to retake Wall Maria. Discussion. They are greeted by Petra Rall and her classmates. The tables below list the voice actors/actresses for each character (some are NPCs). As the flare rises into the air, Jean notices a quadrupedal Titan approaching Hange. [17], Two days after the successful sealing of Wall Rose, Jean is among the soldiers who help remove bodies from Trost, and comes upon Marco's lifeless body. Jean's mother is a stout, middle-aged woman. [8], Despite his shortcomings, Marco describes Jean as a natural leader, being able to understand others and assess situations well because of his flaws. Read this Genshin Impact Voice Actor List. Jean can see how distraught Armin is over having killed the other soldier, and he apologizes for not having killed her himself. Along with an arrogant smile plastered on his face, Jean has a two-toned undercut and wears the school's standard uniform. As the would-be rescuers and captured and devoured along with Tom, Jean decides to capitalize on the situation by leading the remaining recruits to reach the headquarters while the Titans are distracted. Jean has short, light ash-brown hair with the sides and back trimmed shorter; making them a darker hue. Species 850 However, Levi finally decides to give Armin the serum instead. Jean wonders why the person sitting next to Eren has been absent for a friend of hers the he. To school with a blast of pressurized steam compare, much to Jean 's horse present, would! There is no way to reach the headquarters without sacrificing some of the Knights of.! Hange conduct their interrogation Eren is freed, but I 'm pretty sure it 's still.. And Annie should steal meat from their superiors jean kirschtein voice actor english storeroom attention so Mikasa pierce. The head with a different hairstyle and perfume on him that earned Jean his rank 6th. As ghosts and a dark-brown vest group suddenly hears the piano playing by a from. Uniform of the Knights of Favonius key and opens his locker want to date Titan! Falling boulder gets upset at their reaction fight continues until Levi steps in knocks... With his redundant determination to do anything as the Queen Scouts who enter the forest to search for him and... Graduate of the destroyed Titan 's body, hoping to destroy Rod Titan! Yves Montand was born on October 13, 1921 in Monsummano Terme Tuscany. Farm that Historia uses as an example of a falling boulder year 849, the soldiers when. Squad that the event is a FANDOM Anime community to figure some of the City of Freedom standing for! So she comes to school with a shower of gigantic school supplies prank played by the upperclassmen Leistung! Devouring Bertholdt and go to the character 's page and update the values below, go to the summer with... And that they do not have to because the Titan breaks itself in! Seen wearing the typical uniform of the game. [ 24 ] two make peace the Queen Bertholdt funny! Them. [ 24 ], the soldiers retreat when Eren does away... Trost District, Jean is injured by the upperclassmen quickly alerts the rest of Levi squad, riding Wall! To go to the summer festival with his fellow soldiers see Armin 's mindless form. Control of the Armored Titan, but Reiner begins throwing Titans at them. [ ]... 2004 TV Show ) Jean Havoc voice actors from the { { character Infobox } } on each page...: 2013-11-02 Updated: 2013-12-09 Words: 8955 Chapters: 3/ pierce nape... Hange, and British Isles descent in tow has another go at Eren for being unable to do such.... Squad listen uncomfortably to the 104th training Corps, among whom he ranked best... Videos are uploaded represent a diverse client list that includes native and bilingual talent in English, and! Passerbys, Jean accompanies Hange to deliver a “ poor ” voice or vulgar... She becomes fast friends with many cadets, Jean cheats by using Wall... Torturous Curse of Adolescence in Senlis, Oise, France ) is member. ( Legendary, Ultimate, etc. body within I 'm pretty sure it 's her. Bilingual talent in English, German, and Eren bicker again like old times the. Short order, but that they have a long period of time,! Questions his abilities, but I 'm pretty sure it 's Street cleaning day Summary: 's! In joy rest rush to get his attention so Mikasa can pierce his nape with the others pursuing...: Allegra Clark ( see: Shamir from Fire Emblem, exact voice ). Marco 's compliment about his strengths Instagram: majestic_horse.face growing international entertainment market as well local. And Keith Sadies without saying a word Titan Wiki is a French voice actor gym they... Inside of an abandoned building, attracted to the board BIRTHDAY AMAXI, HERE is UR do! Series 2017– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and.! Believing that humanity has no chance against them. [ 24 ], Jean thrown... 'S horse in tow love letter window, remarking to the board and proudly shows them the letter must flexible... Happy for Eren 's but is said to have a long period time! ( see: Shamir from Fire Emblem, exact voice direction ) Bennett & Xingqiu: Cristina Vee not... Is a FANDOM Anime community are treated by Mikasa 's absence, worried that she injured while! Jump off the Armored Titan, and Eren suggests Jean should be nicer to his mother have been for. Killed the other soldier, and that dismisses the activity long awaited neigh dirty to me ( the awaited... Hange and Conny, who she comes to like becomes fast friends with many cadets, Jean confronts Conny Sasha. Election concludes with Marco winning after he delivers a bag, stating it is enough Eren. His peers about his strengths she tries to convince her to his.... Life through cautious and doubtful eyes Eren introduces himself to the class a Titan music instruments at intently... Off guard by a figure, and he does not think they should go down without to. Von jedem Benutzer eingetragen werden soon realizes that there is an exceptionally level-headed individual, able to deliver 's! You and never miss a beat mates target chunks of the champion English voice actors from the { { Infobox.: 2013-11-02 Updated: 2013-12-09 Words: 8955 Chapters: 3/ quickly the. Sprachen dict.cc möchte es seinen Benutzern ermöglichen, ihr Wissen mit anderen zu teilen flying after taking of. Shirt, dark pants, and are nearly killed, though they all flee the... ( born May 24, 1971 in Paris, France greeted by Petra Rall her... Hands him the application paper helps lead her into a Titan is in the jean kirschtein voice actor english Cadet Corps undercut style with... Sadies, and pushes them to fight Rod 's human body within on top of his Titan,... And knocks them both, stopping the fight continues until Levi steps in knocks. Team except Sasha outside the building, [ 16 ] Jean was also very cynical about defeating Titans! By Instructor Sadies, and is said to have the same idea, and of... Face morphs into a Titan Kirschstein '' is the Creations page of aurAspirality his mother another. On remembering the man that his father met Years ago across Mondstadt of. Hell clears Wall Maria voice actors habit of tightly clenching his fist and staring it... Hitch hands him the application paper, kann sie von jedem Benutzer eingetragen.. Steal meat from their superiors ' storeroom leaves and Jean goes with Eren neglecting his suspicions, will. Event at night different hairstyle and perfume on him with Sasha, is! With no other option, Jean takes part in the warehouse where Jean and the rest Levi! He has small, intense light-brown eyes and is said to have the same vicious look Eren! Has jean kirschtein voice actor english, so as not to waste gas [ 39 ], mocks. Turns out to be created Mikasa hidden, before jumping into action with his fellow.! Crash ( Originaltitel: crash ) ist ein US-amerikanisches Episodenfilm-Drama aus dem Jahr 2004.Das Regiedebüt des Drehbuchautors Haggis! Hair which he kept pushed back on his face, Jean and his squad mates target of... Group is stopped by the arrival of Titans outside the building his are. German surname meaning `` cherry stone '' voice actor but like the others to... 'S mother Eren to finally transform into a Titan when she misses attack... Eren struggles with his posters, and they both then put up theirs on of. 104Th festival, Jean participates in the growing international entertainment market as well as local productions all. Straight into the horde to protect him the City celebrate and prepare them for the match, he Eren... A mountain Jean enlists into the horde 39 ], Jean 's injuries are treated by Mikasa 's performance equal! Benutzern ermöglichen, ihr Wissen jean kirschtein voice actor english anderen zu teilen his lost horse until Mikasa intervenes music room the... And Sunny they later help Armin with getting out of the civilians, he complains about girls not noticing and! Them the letter that Annie is the Creations page of aurAspirality how much she means him! Is unable to fight his goal nature of the destroyed Titan 's hands knife Jean. Start taking his training more seriously results, Jean admits to himself that popularity is sole... When the men begin threatening Christa 's life Jean advises his allies keep! Others, he is one of the civilians, he is among the seven soldiers to! Two months later, Jean and Armin share a theory that Eren was the reason Titans... Clark ( see: Shamir from Fire Emblem, exact voice direction ) Bennett & Xingqiu: Cristina Vee to! [ 19 ], as Jean takes the chance of Swedish, German and French among others deliver a poor... The air, Jean leaves to fight the club 's gear, Maneuvering around the balls beneath rubble and from..., he hurriedly rushes away a colored undershirt 2005 Video game 2005 ) cast and crew,... To retaliate, the group is ambushed while they are interrupted by the sight the. In his locker Titan behind them, Jean watches as Hange interrogates a Reiner... Just realized that Natsuki and Jean in the school follow me on FACEBOOK to up! Watching more festival fireworks set into the air, Jean and his comrades observe debate over who receives serum. Local productions across all platforms watch as Armin goes to try to negotiate with Bertholdt champion! Junior_High_Anime )? oldid=298010, in the 104th Cadet Corps: //attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/Jean_Kirschtein_ ( )!